"The artistic element of Robert Jonathan Windmuller is Hebrew calligraphy. In an exhibition he shows calligraphic works, all centered around the „Song of Songs“ of the priest Solomon. He does not adopt or convert the text chronologically, but lets the script scamper around various areas of the surface, which he simultaneously treats with accentuated earthy colors. Sometimes the Hebrew words only appear very sparingly in the painting, like a fine trace on the ground, left behind by a scampering bird. Then again the words appear in multiple layers and create a thick, nontransparent network.

„It's about traces“, says Windmuller – traces of memories, traces of feelings, traces of thoughts. The traces of a culture, in which even 2600 years ago, when Solomon's „Song of Songs“ originated, eroticism depicted an essential experience of being human. Poetry and lightness are the characteristics of this art, which grows from of a long, pensive process. (...) Maybe it is the fundamental experience of the landscape that lead him to his calligraphic painting. It is the landscape of the desert, devoid of green and water, but full of the colors of earth, sand, stone and an abundance of light. And when in his paintings the duration of an ancient culture interlaces with the experience of the landscape of his childhood, it shows once more that one should concentrate (not only artistically) on the the simple things: the language of the earth and the body, the flair for consistency of cultural traditions and the humility in silence.“

Translated from an article in the newspaper „Kölner Stadtanzeiger“, based on an interview with the artist, by Jürgen Kisters (December 2nd, 2004)